"My practice is characterised by fragmented, non-linear narratives regarding identity formation, with my personal sentiments regarding transculturalism being at the forefront of the projects I have undertaken. My most recent project "What Does The Water Taste Like?" for example, is presented as a walk-through photo, video and sculptural installation. It is an exploration of spaces such as the Black hair salon and the Black church; sites where people gather and provide one-another a sense of security and familiarity. Using memory-work as a catalyst, my recent work reflects my musings on neocolonialism, language, belonging and  the ways in which Africa, Europe and The Americas continue to reinvent one-another." 

Juliana Oluwatosin Kasumu is a Nigerian-British artist and filmmaker based in London, Lagos, and New Orleans.

The  "From Moussor to Tignon" photobook  *sold out*

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