Still from, What Does the Water Taste Like?

2019 | Run time 7:46

Digital | Film

single-channel video, stereo sound, HD and SD video footage; 8 minutes, looped, colour/black & white

Prompted by intimate conversations, ocean-made cyanotypes and archival footage, "What Does The Water Taste Like?" questions the production of identity as it relates to her own personal affiliations as a British- Nigerian. Demonstrated the complex ways in which the past and present remain in constant dialogue.


 Nov 9th – Dec 8th, 2019 Antenna Gallery, New Orleans

March 11th - March 13th, Carroll Gallery, New Orleans

Screening on April 19th at Images Festival,  Toronto, Canada

Stills from, What Does The Water Taste Like?, 2019

Photographs from, What Does The Water Taste Like?, 2019

Installation View, What Does The Water Taste Like?, Carroll Gallery, 2020

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